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February 14, 2020 mike@mikemurphy.co (Mike Murphy) Episode 156
Mike Murphy Unplugged
The Change Show
Show Notes

In Today’s episode, I am going to read a simple, but practical checklist from a book that I recently finished to help or inspire you to create a positive change in your life

The checklist I am going to share with you today is from the book, What to Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter which is all about rewiring your brain with positive thoughts and self-talk.

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What to Say When You Talk to Your Self
by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D

If you have an Amazon Alexa device, you can buy Kindle books on Amazon usually for $3.99 or less and use the Alexa app on our iOS Device and listen to your Kindle books like an audiobook. The voice of Alexa is a little robotic and not nearly as high of a production value as an Audible book, but it’s been a great discovery for me and I’m finding myself consuming a lot more books listening like I do podcasts at a fraction of the cost of Audible books.

Quote From Book:

Whatever you put into your mind in one way or another, is what you will get back out, in one way or another

What does your self-talk sound like?

Are you kind and positive and encouraging when you talk to yourself?
Do you beat yourself up over all the things on your to-do list that you can’t seem to get done or the projects that you never seem to have time for or the failed attempts at getting in shape, or the inability to get ahead financially, etc.

Ways to Create Positive Change

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Keep Your Priorities Straight
  3. Take Responsibility For Yourself
  4. Create Your Own Future
  5. Meditate Daily
  6. Practice Mindfulness
  7. Focus On What You Want
  8. Attract What You Desire
  9. Learn To Visualize The Outcome Of Your Goals
  10. Never Let Anyone Control Your Destiny For You
  11. Be Creative
  12. Think Big
  13. Control Stress
  14. Be Aggressive And Assertive
  15. Think Positively
  16. Chart Your Own Course
  17. Set Specific Goals And Review Them Often
  18. Spend Some Time Each Day Improving Your Mind
  19. Review Your Results And Readjust As Necessary
  20. Be Tolerant
  21. Do Everything With Love
  22. Don’t Hate
  23. Have Courage
  24. Recognize That Most Of What We Believe About Life Is An Illusion
  25. Be Honest
  26. Work Hard
  27. Believe Money Is Good And It Will Come To You
  28. Have Faith
  29. If You Agree To Do It, Enjoy It
  30. Be Strong
  31. Show Affection
  32. Manage Your Time
  33. Dress Right
  34. Learn To Sell Yourself
  35. Take Time Off
  36. Believe In A “Higher Self”
  37. Eat Right
  38. Live Prudently
  39. Seek The Aid Of Others Who Are In Sympathy With Your Goals
  40. Give Assistance To Others
  41. Keep Motivated
  42. Be Optimistic
  43. Trust Others And Be Worthy Of Trust
  44. Recognize That Success Is More Than Money
  45. Be Kind
  46. See The “Big Picture”
  47. Take Care Of The Details
  48. Get Organized
  49. Don’t Procrastinate
  50. Stay In Control
  51. Keep Fit
  52. See Problems As “Opportunities”
  53. Learn Everything You Can About Your Job
  54. Don’t Be Afraid Of Success
  55. Be Generous To Others
  56. Believe In God
  57. Reach A Little Higher Than You Thought You Could
  58. Set Your Sights
  59. Take Action
  60. Never Give Up

Gandhi said it best:

_Be the Change You Wish to See in The World.


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