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The Migration Show

August 30, 2019 mike@mikemurphy.co (Mike Murphy) Episode 154
Mike Murphy Unplugged
The Migration Show
Show Notes

This episode breaks down the process of how to move your show (podcast) from one podcast hosting company to another without losing any subscribers.

Topics covered in this episode:

  1. What is a podcast host?
  2. What is a podcast directory?
  3. What is an RSS Feed?
  4. What is a 301 Redirect?
  5. How do you move your show without losing subscribers?

What is a podcast host?

When you start podcast, one of the major decisions you will make is where to host your show. There are many podcast hosts available but some of the more popular ones include:

  1. Simplecast. Where I work full-time on the product support and content team.

Others hosting companies include:

  1. Libsyn
  2. Blubrry
  3. Podbean
  4. BuzzSprout
  5. Spreaker
  6. Soundcloud
  7. Anchor

What do podcast hosting platforms do?

Overview of Podcast Hosts:1. Audio File Storage & Delivery2. Generate your RSS Feed3. Publishing & Syndication to directories.

  1. Audio File Storage & Delivery To store your audio files and serve them to listener devices when someone clicks play or download from a podcast app or an embed player or anywhere your podcast episodes can be accessed.

  2. Generate your RSS Feed which is the link between your show and subscribers and to all of the podcast apps and directories.

Every podcast has one unique RSS Feed and that usually only changes when you change podcast hosts.

Note: Your RSS Feed is not always generated at the location where you store your audio files. When moving a show, you will do so wherever your RSS Feed is located and not necessarily where your audio files are stored.

My original set up was using the Powerpress plugin by Blubrry on my Wordpress website and I hosted my audio files for download only on the podcast host, Libsyn.

If your RSS Feed was generated by Powerpress, then that is the location where you would redirect your feed.

Ask if you are not certain.

  1. Publishing and Syndication To Directories. Podcast hosts make it possible for you to create and publish new episodes much like creating a blog post on a website. When you publish new episodes or make edits to already published episodes, your podcast hosting platform connects your RSS feed to the podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora so your show will always be updated automatically. This process of publishing and then updating everywhere automagically is possible because of the RSS Feed and this process is called syndication.

Additional roles of podcast hosts:Analytics, websites, sharing tools, embed players, and some even have world-class support!

What is a Podcast Directory?

A podcast directory is simply a library or catalog of podcasts where one can browse, listen, and subscribe to new shows.

Major Podcast Directories:

Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts
Google Play

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