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The 3 Year Show

September 21, 2018 mike@mikemurphy.co (Mike Murphy) Episode 151
Mike Murphy Unplugged
The 3 Year Show
Show Notes

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Mike Murphy Unplugged and this an update episode about change, development and creating the life you want. I have some exciting news to share with you.

Episode Summary:
I started this show on Friday 9/25/2015. Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the past 3 years.

The podcast is still on hiatus, but I created this episode:
1) To acknowledge you and the anniversary
2) Share some updates since Episode 150
3) Let you know about my new position with podcast hosting company Simplecast

What is a Milestone?:

A milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

Change is to make or become different.

Development is state of growth or advancement.

So Why Did I Start Mike Murphy Unplugged

Reason 1: To connect, teach and help people figure things out,
Reason 2: To figure out how to make a living as an online educator and content creator.

My solution: Starting a podcast was the perfect medium for me:

Why Podcasting?:
-I have been an avid podcast listener since the iPod 1.0
-I love audio and gear
-I could share my voice to the world from my bedroom
-I knew it was an emerging medium.

Timeline:I gave myself 30 days to learn how to start a podcast, how to record and edit audio, create the artwork and branding, and set up social media profiles and figure out what it was about.

I did not overthink starting a podcast and I was determined to stay genuine and authentic to me and do it my way.

Everyone told me I had to niche down and narrow my topic, but that is not who I am.

I have a wide range of interest and skills and I wear many hats (I’m the guy who has watched over 11,000 Lynda videos remember).

I used to think of this as my weakness, but it is my super-power.

My long-term goal was to make a living as a content creator and teacher.

Mike Murphy Unplugged

was to document my journey and share all of the tools and resources and steps I was taking to move myself forward towards a very general goal of making a living in creativity and teaching tech tips and tricks.

Step #1: in the journey was starting a podcast so I dedicated the first several months of Mike Murphy Unplugged to being a podcast about podcasting.

I shared everything I knew about setting up and producing a podcast as that was my main focus at the time and I knew it was an emerging and important medium for businesses in the future. And guess what, the more you talk about and share knowledge about a topic the more of an expert and authority you become. I knew what I was talking about and was confident in my abilities from the start.

The main principle I want to share today on this anniversary is showing up day after day even when it seems like nobody is listening or you are not getting many downloads or views or likes, etc.

I created at least one piece of content 7 days a week 365 days in row for almost 3 years because I knew that if I just kept showing up I would either figure it out or an opportunity that would present itself.

I started this podcast and online venture without a roadmap or plan, but I started and I just kept at it. My priority was to get really good at everything related to teaching and creating conten

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